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Infomation: Bowmaster prelude: Your kingdom is under attack and, with the help of the army, you have to defend from the enemy. The legendary bow that you have will be your secret weapon, and the different types of magic arrows will help to defeat the invader. To win, you benefit as well as weapons, weaknesses of the enemy, and the aid of the allied troops that you can call ... and gone like the conquest of his flag! There are many strategies that you can take to get to victory, but let is your job to find the best tactic, or one that fits your style of battle.

How to play: To play, use the A and S keys to move forward and backward, the pointer and left mouse button for direction and determination of the power of your attacks, and the numbers 0 to 9 on the keypad to select the types of arrows when headlights you will have available. HELP is still heading to provide a detailed explanation of how to play.

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